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The Charismatic Connector
Advanced English Communication Online Course

Get the 5- step formula that brings you from awkward to charismatic in English in 30 days for more success and happiness at work and in life using
The Charisma Equation (™) 
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If you are not happy with your course just contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your course fee....guaranteed.

Here's What You'll Get:
  • You will get the promotions and assignments you want because your colleagues will know that you're a good communicator
  • You will make more money at work and you will feel better at the office every day
  • You will get along better with your colleagues, build strong professional relationships, and produce better results for your company
  • You will learn the 5 English skills you need to become charismatic and well-liked at work with our proprietary Charisma Equation (™) (no other English course has this equation)
  • You will get step by step coaching in just 15 minutes per day through audio recordings with Lindsay and Michelle (it's fun too!)
  • You will reach your goal of becoming more charismatic and likeable in English in 30 days or less (you will be a different person in just one month)
  • You will get the option to upgrade (additional fee) for personalized and detailed feedback on your speaking from Lindsay or Michelle
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Ezequiel, Brazil

"Hello Lindsay ... !! It will be a pleasure  to tell you how things are going with "The charismatic Connector" I use it not only to be loved and understood at work …. also to be able to see from both sidewalks,  I mean,  that lets you see what  are the things  people do to keep you hooked and interested on what they are saying and  to know what  are  the strategies  people who are leaderships use to  do it.  Human relationships are “all” in life and everything we can do to improve  them, will be  fantastic . Thanks for all"- Ezequiel, Brazil

JB Victor

"Hi, my name is JB Victor. I’m currently an Admissions Counselor at Keiser University. I recently  signed up for the Charismatic Connector course offered by Lindsay and Michelle, and it has helped me a great deal at work. Also, this course has kind of pushed me out on the cutting edge. Now I’m more energetic and outgoing, I’m more confident in the way I address my co-workers, and, of course, I’ve been able to implement better active listening skills, including the feel-felt-found technique. I would recommend this course to anybody who aspires to be charismatic in their careers." - JB Victor
Meekun, Thailand

"I joined The Charismatic Connector course because  I want to get support from both my colleagues and bosses. This course has helped me to use the words or expressions appropriately and understand more how to work with people better. I think this course is useful for anyone who really wants to progress at work. You can be successful at work only when bosses love you and colleagues cooperate well with you. If you are really good at the job but fail to win others' heart, the chance to get promoted is still less than those who are well liked."- Meekun, Thailand, Financial Controller at a Multinational company

Sophia Lu, China

"I work with an international software company, and although I don't have
much difficulty with the English language itself, I do very often find it pretty hard to respond under certain subtle circumstances.  This course as well as their All Ears English have been teaching me how to respond to many situations, and this makes me more and more confident in my oral communications with colleagues from other cultures. I would recommend it for anyone who needs to communicate smoothly in English with people from other cultures, especially if you want to build a friendly and trusting relationship with them. Good luck. :)" - Sophia, China

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