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Student Success Stories
Nikolay, Russia
"Sadly I wasted a lot of time in the beginning attending offline courses and surfing the Internet to find good ones. "
"Finally I got into 3 Keys system and it worked! Well don’t get me wrong, you still have to work really hard and do a lot of tests, but you must learn all the strategies and dive into improving overall English before. And here 3 Keys system works best." 
Ryoki, Japan
"On test day I had all of this information and tips and everything that other people didn’t know. All I had to do was just believe in the course and just follow the way. I currently reside in Australia and the life is great. Thanks to 3 Keys I was able to conquer IELTS. "
Listening: 8
Speaking: 8
Reading: 7.5
Writing: 7.5
Overall: 8
Jennifer, Taiwan
"Before I found 3 Keys I was studying IELTS by myself. I didn't know what I was doing. I should have really found a professional. I failed on my first attempt. Then I found 3 Keys. It was really helpful because after I joined I knew I wasn't alone. Whenever you have questions you can just go online and ask for help. My life is different now because I don't have to do IELTS again! I highly recommend anyone who is taking IELTS and you need someone to help you, 3 Keys is for you. You will not only be very ready for IELTS but you'll also improve your English skills. Good luck everyone!"
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  • Find out what the most common "first-time-test-taker" mistakes are for each test section and avoid making them with our system (most courses won’t show you these)

  •  Get invited to join our 7+ Insider Method Facebook group (you’ll never feel alone with support from our community)

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  •  Find out how to make sure that anxiety doesn't decrease your score on test day (our simple, 3-step Anti-anxiety Plan saves your score when you're stressed (no other IELTS school offers this)

  •  Get your progress checked through regular quizzes (while some courses don’t care if you learn, we monitor your progress every step of the way)

  •  Practice your new 7+ Insider skills with two full practice tests (you will be amazed how much easier IELTS can be when you apply our strategies)

  •  Get extra writing practice in the 3 Keys Writing Wizard Essay Contest for free plus the option to upgrade for detailed feedback for bulletproof writing confidence

  •  Bonus! How to INSTANTLY get the examiner thinking "7" by using these 10 native vocabulary words (these words are what the examiner wants to hear, use them!)

  •  Bonus! The EXACT 10 easy academic phrases that you must insert into your writing and speaking tests for a 7 or higher (your problems with "academic" vocabulary are over with these simple phrases)

  •  Bonus! Sample Writing Task 2 Opinion Essay (see how the top test-takers handle Writing Task 2 and learn from the best)

  •  Save time and money with the smartest IELTS system that guides you to your target score (see our success stories!)
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