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Are you nervous about your IELTS Exam? 
Do you need strategies that will bring you to a 7 or higher?
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20 Easy Vocabulary Words And Phrases For a 7 or Higher (Value $97)
These are the exact words, phrases, and expressions that will increase your Writing and Speaking scores. There is no need to go and find your own phrases! Just use these phrases and watch your score increase instantly.
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Private Facebook Group Membership (Value $197)
Ask questions to an IELTS professional 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Get support from other 3 Keys students and find speaking partners. Share your score achievements with the community!
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High-Scoring Writing Templates and Model Essays for Task 1 and Task 2 (Value $297)
We will show you the exact templates that will get you a 7 or higher on Writing. Just follow these templates and apply our strategies to increase your score. It's easy when you have these templates.
Bonus # 4
Proven Reading Strategies and Extra Practice for T/F/NG and Matching Headings Questions (Value $97)
Get additional help to finish the exam within the time that you have and get the right answers. These extra activities will give you even more confidence that you can achieve your target score on the hardest question types on the Reading test.
Bonus # 5
Skills Chart: What The Examiner Wants For 7+ in Writing Task 1 and Task 2 (Value $97)
Learn exactly what the Examiner is looking for on Writing Task 1 and Task 2. This skills chart will help you practice the right way so that the Examiner sees you as a 7+ candidate.
*Total Value = $785*
Are you ready to get 7 or higher on your IELTS?
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Student Results
"Sadly I wasted a lot of time, in the beginning, attending offline courses and surfing the Internet to find good ones. "

"Finally I got into 3 Keys system and it worked! Well don’t get me wrong, you still have to work really hard and do a lot of tests, but you must learn all the strategies and dive into improving overall English before. And here 3 Keys system works best."
Nikolay Varlamov, Russia
 Nikolay's score before 3 Keys IELTS
L: 7
R: 7.5
W: 6.5
S: 7.5
 Nikolay's score after 3 Keys IELTS
L: 9
R: 9
W: 7
S: 8
"On test day I had all of this information and tips and everything that other people didn’t know.  All I had to do was just believe in the course and just follow the way. I currently reside in Australia and the life is great. Thanks to 3 Keys I was able to conquer IELTS"
Listening: 8
Speaking: 8
Reading: 7.5
Writing: 7.5
Overall: 8
Ryoki, Japan
"Before I found 3 Keys I was studying IELTS by myself. I didn't know what I was doing. I should have really found a professional. I failed on my first attempt. 

Then I found 3 Keys. It was really helpful because after I joined I knew I wasn't alone. Whenever you have questions you can just go online and ask for help. My life is different now because I don't have to do IELTS again! I highly recommend anyone who is taking IELTS and you need someone to help you, 3 Keys is for you. You will not only be very ready for IELTS but you'll also improve your English skills. Good luck everyone!"
Jennifer, Taiwan
"Before taking 3 Keys IELTS I used to prepare completely differently. I would just take the test and panic."

"When I took the course I did the 30-day road map and it helped me loads. You just do the strategies and that's what made me the most confident. I knew what the Examiner wanted. I would definitely recommend it because the strategies are awesome and the road map tells you what to do every day."
Maeva, France
New testimonial
Name and location
 Maeva's score before 3 Keys IELTS
L: 8
R: 6
W: 6
S: 7.5
 Maeva's score after 3 Keys IELTS
L: 8.5
R: 7.5
W: 6.5
S: 8
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3 Keys IELTS Team Credentials

Our team is led by a former IELTS Examiner. 
We have 47 years of combined ESL experience.

Jessica Beck, Director of IELTS Training
MA Applied Linguistics
IELTS Examiner (2005-2109)

  • EX-IELTS Examiner (2005-2019)
  • ​3 Keys IELTS Certified teacher
  • ​Native English speaker
  • 14 years IELTS teaching experience
  • Taught IELTS at Cambridge Taipei
  • ​16 published ESL textbooks from Cengage and MacMillan
  • ​Master of Arts, Applied Linguistics

Aubrey Carter, 3 Keys IELTS Certified Teacher
MS TESOL, City College of New York

  • 3 Keys IELTS Certified Teacher
  • ​Native English speaker from the United States
  • ESL Instructor for 19 years (2000-2019)
  • Bachelor's Degree, Brigham Young University
  • ​Master's Degree in TESOL, City College of New York

Lindsay McMahon
MA Lesley University
ESL Teacher 15 years (2005-2020)

  • ​Native English speaker from the United States
  • ESL Instructor for 15 years (2005-2019)
  • Bachelor's Degree, University of Mary Washington
  • ​Master's Degree, Lesley University in Cambridge, MA
  • ​TESOL Certificate, School for International Training
  • ​Experience teaching ESL in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Guatemala, New York City, and Boston
You need 3 Keys IELTS if you want to:
  • Get professional essay feedback, mock tests, 1-1 writing help (personal coach plan)
  • Understand exactly what the examiner wants on Writing and Speaking
  • Learn the 3 Keys Strategies that get you the 7 or higher on all test sections
  • Get access to 95 strategy-based video lessons for Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Anti-anxiety
  • Organize your time in a smart way with our daily study plan
  • Study on a flexible online learning platform with 24/7 access for 180 days
Your Score Increase is 100% Guaranteed!
Still not sure? You don't have to worry, because our course comes with a Score Increase Guarantee. 
We guarantee that you will see a score increase on at least one of the four test sections. 
If you do all of the required assignments for this course and you do not increase your score on at least one of the four test sections, bring us your score reports before and after the course and we will refund 100% of your course fee.
100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

PLUS! We'll pay for the cost of your exam!
Are you ready to get 7 or higher on your IELTS?
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the course?
When you log in to the online learning center go to Welcome Lesson 5 and choose between two study plans (30 and 60 days). Those study plans will show you how to spend your time each day. You get 180 days access to the online learning center.
Will I get feedback? Who will correct my essays?
Yes. If you choose Personal Coach you get 90 minutes on Skype for feedback with a member of the 3 Keys IELTS team. All team members have been trained under ex-IELTS Examiner Jessica Beck. We recommend that you complete a 30-minute mock speaking test and a 60-minute writing lesson during this time. During this session you can get your practice essay corrected.
The IELTS Exam is usually British English. How will this course help me if you are Americans?
IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. So, there are a variety of accents featured on the Listening Exam, and 3 Keys IELTS provides all the resources you need to practice for everything you might face on the exam. 
How is this online course different from one in a language school?
Studying with 3 Keys IELTS provides you with 24/7 access to our online platform for learning materials and to our team of IELTS professionals, through the course Facebook group. In a language school, you only see that teacher a couple times a week. Also, in your Skype sessions with a professional from our team, you get completely individualized and personal feedback, as there are no other students in those sessions. Learning online is the only way to fit your IELTS preparation into your busy life, and still feel in control of your time and your success.
Who can I contact if I have more questions?
You can contact Lindsay McMahon at 347 554 1877 or Lindsay@allearsenglish.com
More questions? Contact Lindsay@allearsenglish.com or call 347 554 1877
3 Keys IELTS Success System Online Course from All Ears English
347 554 1877 | Boston, MA | Portland, Oregon | New York, NY